About Mrs Berrys Nursery

About Mrs Berry's nursery

Mrs Berry's Montessori Nursery was established in September 2001. We provide two years of pre-school nursery education, Foundation Years One and the pre-school year.
Children come to us after their second birthday and leave to join the Reception class at school as a 'rising five'.

We offer morning, afternoon or all day sessions; 38 weeks a year.

Why we are different

We endeavour to provide a staff/child ratio of 1:4 for the whole of the time your child is at Nursery. The ratio recommended by Ofsted for children aged 3 years and above is 1:8. We believe we are unique in offering this level of care throughout a child’s time at nursery.

We do not have “classrooms” but provide an open environment where children of differing ages mix together much as they would at home. Outside activity and play is an important part of our day all year round. Children enjoy purposeful activities such as gardening, raking the leaves, caring for the rabbits, bug hunts etc. More on the importance of outside play

Learning through play

The Montessori philosophy of "freedom within a prepared environment" allows each child to develop initiative, confidence and independence. Each day the nursery is laid out with different play activities designed to stimulate learning and build confidence. This “prepared environment” allows the nursery day to be child orientated. The daily activities on offer to children follow a comprehensive plan to ensure children reach their potential at all levels of the early year goals. More on Montessori


Juice time and lunch time are used to allow children to interact socially; developing their understanding of good manners and the use of please and thank you. At lunch children are provided with clean napkins and pour their own drinks. Food served is simple but wholesome; vegetarian and fish, vegetables, fresh fruit, raisins etc and in the autumn stewed apple and crumble made by the children (the apples picked from our trees). After lunch children help to clear away used cups and plates, wipe tables and sweep up dropped food. Washing dishes is always a popular activity. When the weather is nice we regularly have lunch in the garden.