How to Join Us

Placing your Child

We hope that this web site has provided you with all the information you require. However should you need clarification on anything please do not hesitate to contact us? If you are interested in our nursery for your child please call to arrange a visit as this is the best way to see what we offer and to understand our approach to child care. If telephoning please ring after 4 pm.

Viewing the Nursery

When children are with us we strive to give them our undivided attention. It is with this in mind that we arrange your first visit to the nursery when we are closed. Not only does this mean that children are not distracted by visitors but also allows us to provide you with our full attention, the opportunity to ask questions and to understand what we offer in terms of nursery care

We invite you back for a follow-up visit when the nursery is open so that you can observe the children and staff during some of our activities. If, after these visits, you are interested in your child joining us, then we ask you to put your interest in writing; being a small nursery we fill up quickly so a prompt response is required.


If we are able to place your child we will ask you to complete a registration form and provide a non-refundable Registration fee.

A place is offered on the understanding that your child will be attending at least 2 sessions in their first year and attends a minimum of 3 sessions in their pre-school year. Children join us in either the September or April terms.

Being a small nursery we may not be able to place your child in the sessions you request and alternative sessions may be offered. We will however do our best to meet your requirements.